We've had a couple of trips/visitors lately since tax season has been over, so I thought I would post about them. Donna came down cause I got tickets to go to the Ellen Degeneres Show.  The guest on the show that day was Diane Keaton.  It was pretty interesting how things work for a filming of a talk show like that.  Let's just say that EVERYTHING is scripted and I mean EVERYTHING.  Down to what the guest says even!  So that was a disappointment cause you think Ellen is just funny herself right?  It was fun to experience regardless! (They don't allow cameras in the studio, so that's why all the pictures are taken of random "Ellen" things)     

My Friend Amy and I

Donna Posing For Joye

We went up to Mike's best friend Chris' cabin at Shaver Lake for a weekend getaway.  Ty has never been in the snow, so we were hoping there was still some up there.  Let's just say with it being 80 degrees outside, we didn't get much snow.  We did find enough to make a snowman though and do a little sledding!  Ty loved it as long as he had his mittens on so his hands didn't get cold.

Our Little Frosty

 Big Frosty


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Marina said...

Ty is such a cutie! I just went to Ellen recently too - and I have to say they make you dance HARD and laugh way too much - I was exhausted afterwards hahha!