A Boy and His Tools

Ty is quite the worker these days!  I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that we've had SO many workers at our house working on various things.  I know I have yet to post a picture of our new house, but I'm waiting for one more thing to get done and then I will.  Ok maybe in like 6 months until I post, right?  Anyway, here are a few pictures of Ty and his "tools" that he is obsessed with.

His Bike..He Can Ride This Thing So Fast

Not A Tool, But Caught Mid-Sneeze

His Blower, Like Daddy's

Pretending To Drive His Lawnmower, or Lawnblower As He Calls It

His Toolbox

Gotta Have The Pencil In The Ear

His Wheelbarrow

And Of Course His Camera Like Mommy's

I'm constantly trying to practice with my camera and new lens, so I snapped a lot of pictures of Ty the last few weeks.  As you can see, he doesn't hold still for one of them.  Oh well they are more natural right?  I can't wait until him and Tad are running around together to snap shots of both of them!


Here goes the next 3 months in picture form...

       Tad After His 2 Month Shots (on the left), Ty After His 2 Month Shots (on the right)

I'm Already 4 Months Old

A Little Batter Lickin'

College Football Season Starts

I'll Sit In Here Where My Brother Can't Attack Me

Our Dancin' Machine

Admiring The Drums and Still Groovin'

Nobody Mess w/ My Jail Truck

 Hide and Seek At the Pumpkin Patch

Attempt 9,000 To Get Both of Them To Smile

Momma And Her Boys (Do I Look Tired?)

Fireman and His Dalmation

Telling Me How To Put A Fire Out

Not Just A Fireman, A Fire Chief

Our Favorite Fireman

Our Favorite Dalmation

Well folks, there you have it!  I hate to boast, but I do believe we have the cutest little boys in the neighborhood!!!

We're Alive I Swear

Does anybody else get on blog kicks, where they keep up their blog for a good 2 or 3 months and then doesn't post for about another 3 or 4 months?  Well yea if you can't tell, that's me!  So lets see in the last five months since I last posted, I've had another kid.  Yup, I think that explains it all!  I'm going to just post lots of pictures and explain them, rather than write a big long post.  So here it goes...

Tad Kenneth Garrison, born 5/24/12
Yup Had to Have A C-Section (Breech!)

Ty Welcoming Tad Home (That's As Close As He Would Get To Him)

Our First Family Photo As A Family of Four

First Photo Shoot Attempt By Mommy

Still Cooperating

Just Wanting Some Attention, So Let's Hold Brother

This Girl's Bridal Shower

Daddy And His Boys At The 4th Of July Parade

Living The Life

Celebrating Chris' 30th

Ty's First Tube Ride


Whew that was a lot!


New Car

Well my blue bomb took a dump on us, so we had to get a new car.  We had been looking for one anyway, that had a third row.  We went back and forth between a Mazda CX-9, a Honda Pilot or a Toyota Highlander.  We went with the highlander cause it was the best deal for us.  Although there are things that I miss about my blue bomb, like the radio on the steering wheel, the heated seat settings, and leather seats, I'm glad to see it go :).  But with that all said, we did make some great memories in the bomb!  I should write them down, but there are too many too remember.  We got it the new car from Carmax and the one we went too had a little play area for the kids, so of course Ty loved that.  They had this little lawn mower there that he was obsessed with and wouldn't let any other kid play with it.  So now when he sees a car commercial on TV, he thinks it's Carmax and asks for the "lawn blower."  So cute!  

Me Acting Like I'm Sad To Get Rid Of The Car

Ty Loving The New Car (he was so tired by this point)

Excited to Head Home At 11:00pm



We've had a couple of trips/visitors lately since tax season has been over, so I thought I would post about them. Donna came down cause I got tickets to go to the Ellen Degeneres Show.  The guest on the show that day was Diane Keaton.  It was pretty interesting how things work for a filming of a talk show like that.  Let's just say that EVERYTHING is scripted and I mean EVERYTHING.  Down to what the guest says even!  So that was a disappointment cause you think Ellen is just funny herself right?  It was fun to experience regardless! (They don't allow cameras in the studio, so that's why all the pictures are taken of random "Ellen" things)     

My Friend Amy and I

Donna Posing For Joye

We went up to Mike's best friend Chris' cabin at Shaver Lake for a weekend getaway.  Ty has never been in the snow, so we were hoping there was still some up there.  Let's just say with it being 80 degrees outside, we didn't get much snow.  We did find enough to make a snowman though and do a little sledding!  Ty loved it as long as he had his mittens on so his hands didn't get cold.

Our Little Frosty

 Big Frosty



Catch Up

Yes, I know it's been awhile! Yes I'm in my 8th month of pregnancy and have no energy, therefore the blog takes a back seat. Let's see since Ty's birthday/Christmas, we have moved into our house and have been working, working, working on it. It's coming along quite nicely, if I do say so myself. It's an old house, so we are fixing it up as we go. See before and after pictures in my next post.

Hooray For Rain

Playing In The Puddles

Other than that, we have been a single family (without a dad) for the last 3 months! And yes life has been rough, not going to lie! Especially with the commute that Mike has to drive now, it's even worse. Two more days, but who's counting. ME!!!! I started potty training Ty about 4 weeks ago and he's doing pretty good I think. The first week was rough, but he's caught on, minus the pooping in the toilet. He tells me he needs to go poop though, so that's a plus. He just won't go in the toilet, he still goes in his diaper, but not in his undies. He is gaining quite the personality these days (tantrums galore). I wish I had a camera/recorder on me all the time, cause he says the funniest things.

We having been traveling a lot during tax season. We've been to our usual spots, my parents' house, the in-laws and St. George. While we were at my parents' house we went to the fair. This is a HUGE deal in my hometown, so it was fun to let Ty experience it. It is a true country fair with animals (that kids of all ages raise, show and then auction off), concerts, shows, etc., etc. He got to see all kinds of animals and ride the only rides he was tall enough for. My favorite thing at the fair growing up was the donuts they have to eat, so yes we had a donut and a corn dog for dinner! My dad had to go check the baler's one night while we were home, so Ty couldn't wait to ride the tractors. He did a few rounds on the tractor w/ uncle Conrad until the baler got clogged. Conrad said he fell asleep (which do you blame him w/ tractor driving), but he LOVES tractors now and always wants to go to Grandpa Ken's house and ride the tractors! Needless to say I think Ty had a very fun week at grandma and grandpa's house.

Too High Mom!

Ty's Favorite Ride

A Boat Ride

The Lambs

The Goats

The Pigs (He Wouldn't Get Too Close)

Ty's Not Too Sure About All The Noise

Conrad Explaining Something To Me

We did have a few visitors come stay with us at our new house, which was so nice to actually have room for visitors. Darice had a volleyball tournament in Anaheim, so they came down a couple of days early and spent some time with us. The kids did a lot of playing outside which was so nice! Me and D did some shopping, so of course we had to get our boys matching shirts. These two crack me up and will be best buds growing up (whenever we see them)!

Crazy Boys!

Ty w/ Tess First Thing In The Morning

We spent Easter in St. George cause Chloe (Mike's niece) got baptized. I can't believe she is 8! When Mike and I met, she was probably only almost a year old. Crazy how time flies! We died some eggs for the Easter bunny before we left and Ty loved it. He was a little impatient letting the eggs soak in the color, but other than that I think he thought it was neat how they went in white and came out a different color. Once they came out he did want to crack them though. Boys!! We didn't do much in St. George, but it was nice to see ALL of the cousins that live there.

Finally Hunting For Eggs

Waiting Patiently

Cracking The Eggs

Dipping The Eggs

I have about another month until this little boy comes and I can't wait! Ty is going to have the shock of his life, but I think he will love his brother. He LOVES babies that's for sure. I wish I would've gotten a picture of him w/ Darice's new baby Tess. He is ALL over her! There a few odds and ends that I still need to get, but other than that I'm ready to go. Bring on the sleepless nights and of course the hugs and kisses!!!