New Car

Well my blue bomb took a dump on us, so we had to get a new car.  We had been looking for one anyway, that had a third row.  We went back and forth between a Mazda CX-9, a Honda Pilot or a Toyota Highlander.  We went with the highlander cause it was the best deal for us.  Although there are things that I miss about my blue bomb, like the radio on the steering wheel, the heated seat settings, and leather seats, I'm glad to see it go :).  But with that all said, we did make some great memories in the bomb!  I should write them down, but there are too many too remember.  We got it the new car from Carmax and the one we went too had a little play area for the kids, so of course Ty loved that.  They had this little lawn mower there that he was obsessed with and wouldn't let any other kid play with it.  So now when he sees a car commercial on TV, he thinks it's Carmax and asks for the "lawn blower."  So cute!  

Me Acting Like I'm Sad To Get Rid Of The Car

Ty Loving The New Car (he was so tired by this point)

Excited to Head Home At 11:00pm

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