We're Alive I Swear

Does anybody else get on blog kicks, where they keep up their blog for a good 2 or 3 months and then doesn't post for about another 3 or 4 months?  Well yea if you can't tell, that's me!  So lets see in the last five months since I last posted, I've had another kid.  Yup, I think that explains it all!  I'm going to just post lots of pictures and explain them, rather than write a big long post.  So here it goes...

Tad Kenneth Garrison, born 5/24/12
Yup Had to Have A C-Section (Breech!)

Ty Welcoming Tad Home (That's As Close As He Would Get To Him)

Our First Family Photo As A Family of Four

First Photo Shoot Attempt By Mommy

Still Cooperating

Just Wanting Some Attention, So Let's Hold Brother

This Girl's Bridal Shower

Daddy And His Boys At The 4th Of July Parade

Living The Life

Celebrating Chris' 30th

Ty's First Tube Ride


Whew that was a lot!

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