Here goes the next 3 months in picture form...

       Tad After His 2 Month Shots (on the left), Ty After His 2 Month Shots (on the right)

I'm Already 4 Months Old

A Little Batter Lickin'

College Football Season Starts

I'll Sit In Here Where My Brother Can't Attack Me

Our Dancin' Machine

Admiring The Drums and Still Groovin'

Nobody Mess w/ My Jail Truck

 Hide and Seek At the Pumpkin Patch

Attempt 9,000 To Get Both of Them To Smile

Momma And Her Boys (Do I Look Tired?)

Fireman and His Dalmation

Telling Me How To Put A Fire Out

Not Just A Fireman, A Fire Chief

Our Favorite Fireman

Our Favorite Dalmation

Well folks, there you have it!  I hate to boast, but I do believe we have the cutest little boys in the neighborhood!!!

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